Italian Investment Showcase Turin 2018

Italian Investment Showcase Turin 11-12 April 2018

The Italian Investment Showcase Turin 2018 is a B2B event where a Startup and/or a Company will be able to meet a potential investor coming from Finance and/or Corporate sectors.

The event has an Agenda, a list of Participants & a Markeplace where is possible to put in practize all the relations created with your business.

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Supporting Texas, The Lone Star State

Alexendre Jorge evacuates Ethan Colman, 4, from a neighborhood inundated by floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey on Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in Houston, Texas. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Alexendre Jorge evacuates Ethan Colman, 4, from a neighborhood inundated by floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey on Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in Houston, Texas. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

What we have seen these last days in Texas has shocked all the world. Harvey hurricane turned this State into an enormous lake, submerging a third of Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Many people lost their homes & it seems that the water that actually is covering Texas could Read more

Ma Noi … Insieme … per Joe, sponsor DreamyourMind

Charity EventsLo scorso Maggio Joe è scomparso, ed è stato un colpo duro per tutti i suoi amici più stretti nel Comune di Sant`Ilario d`Enza, a partire da Lia Pani fino a tutti gli amici che lo conoscevano.

DreamyourMind ha deciso quindi di sostenere un evento di raccolta fondi per comprare un defibrillatore da donare al Comune, per fare sì che casi del genere non capitino più per quanto possibile.

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Presidente Mattarella con noi a Vancouver

Quando abbiamo ricevuto l`invito che ci diceva che il Presidente della Repubblica Italiana Sergio Mattarella stava per partecipare al ricevimento che la Comunità Italiana ed Italo-Canadese di Vancouver che spesso organizza verso la fine di Giugno, siamo Read more

‘The Magical Rescuer of Forgotten Objects & the Environment’ – Interview with Connekt Portuguese Artist Elena Fernandez

Interview with Connekt Portuguese artist Elena Fernandez

Some of the Connekt 2014 Artists could only confirm their participation at the very last minute and so the interview with them had to be postponed to after the Connekt 2014 expo. 

One of these artists is the talented Portuguese artist Elena Fernández who has been nominated by Connekt judging team, Maestro Ennio Calabria and Anny Baldissera of Cassiopea Gallery as the top 5 most talented Connekt artist of 2014 in terms of creativity. 

The bellow interview is conducted by Marianka Solórzano. 

Elena Fernández is a magical rescuer who gives forgotten objects and opportunity to be reborn into a beautiful treasure through her touch of love and her use of colors and her spice of creativity. Elena creates beauty through the reconstruction of raw materials, wood, metal, plastics and anything she finds lost and abandoned by someone.

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“Eat Your ART” Interview with Connekt Product Designer Chiara Ricci

Eat Your Art at Connekt Art Expo 2014 Rome by Chiara Ricci Project

How can we put an end to the ‘starving artist’ catastrophe?

By bringing artists and chefs together! or maybe by introducing ways that Artists can eat their art ,)

Jokes aside, through a game invention of  Chiara Ricci, during Connekt Expo 2014, we are helping visitors experience the artist and chef within with a game called ‘Eat you Art’ project.

When at Connekt we introduced the challenge of Artist Confronting Chefs for 2014 Rome Expo, we never thought the one who would respond to it would be a young Milan based award winning product designer from Caserta who has dedicated her talent into making eating more joyful and pleasing.

Creativity is the seed of a greener future but this seed will never grow into a tree and come to fruition if it is not planted by productive minds and then watered by business minds.

Chiara is an example of a creative talent who has taken it to the next level of production so that we can all live in her ideal world and enjoy a better life in near future with her creations. While introducing a very new interactive game for the Connekt Expo 2014 visitors to enjoy, Chiara will also be exhibiting her project: ‘Food Design for Happy Living’ and ‘Estro’.

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