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The Future is a Collaboration Away

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Are you an artist? Get discovered

Sell art direct to the buyers, get discovered by galleries, get commission works from brands, form prosperous partnerships and much more…

Are you a visitor? Explore What You Love

Find your perfect high-end and unique Christmas gift, buy direct from artists, enjoy tasty recipes, watch great movies, and much more!

Are you a restaurant? Grow your business

Gain Exposure; find loyal clients and prosperous partners; commission creativity to your favorite artist, collaborate with creative minds, and take your business and recipes to the next level…

No More “Starving Artists”!

Effectively connect through/to/with art in order to enhance the well-being of the world’s socio-economical communities.

We do not like the close brotherhood of the word "Starving" with "Artist"

Unfortunately, for the majority of the world’s talented artists, if not “homeless”, “starving” has been and still is how they best describe themselves.

Difficulty in finding success

Less than 0.05% of the artists have been able to find the right golden team or better to put; connections to transform their priceless art into a relaxed life style.

The paradox of art

That is while over 90% of the middle and upper class population in the world use some type of art-form to decorate their homes, offices and even themselves.

This screams a great imbalance.
While both supply and demand is high, they’re not rightly connected.

  • When it comes to talented artists, our strong Goal is to assist as many talented artists as we can to grow from “starving Artists” to “Flourishing Artists” who can live a relaxed life they deserve relying solely on their Art and talent.


If you are an artist, don’t wait

Thus we specially encourage “Upcoming Artists” and those who never had the chance to exhibit to apply.

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Submission of one photo is free of charge, Panel rental is very affordable (Lowest in comparison to any fair and expo we know of)
Charge of 5$ applies for any extra submission.

If your work is nominated by our judges for an upcoming Expo, you will automatically qualify for our sponsorship program.
Your work will be sent to our sponsors for their consideration. Which means part of your Connekt Journey (e.x. Panel rental) or all of it (Your trip to Connekt Expo), if selected by a sponsor, will be covered by your sponsor.

No More “Top Art for the Rich Only”!

We trust art enriches the communities through entertainment, mood lift, communication and education.

During Connekt Expo you can:

Buy your perfect Christmas gifts

For your special ones directly from talented artists and support an upcoming artist during the month of giving.

Imprint a unique unforgettable experience in your memory

With help of our creative entertainments and high-end experiences.

From December 18 to 23 - time 9AM/6PM - Teatro dei Dioscuri, via Piacenza, 1 - Rome

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At Connekt Expo, there is shopping, there is entertainment, there is food, there is fashion, there is film, and there is surprise and ultimately something for everyone.

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Your ticket fee will be refunded to you when you spend twice the price of your ticket or more at Connekt Expo. No refunds is available if the receipt of the ticket purchase is not presented.

No More “Give and Give Some More”!

Being in Business for over 15 years we absolutely believe that giving that does not follow a balanced return is unhealthy for the business, economy, as well as the society.

The nature is built based on the laws of equilibrium and any cause that violates this rule is unhealthy and unstable.
Thus using our business knowledge and expertise in Communications, we connect businesses and artists effectively to assure any sponsorship or collaboration is a two-way street with the businesses receiving a value as invaluable as to what they are giving.

We provide start-ups, investors and venture capitalists, and businesses that need exposure and marketing with valuable opportunities:

Market Your Product Effectively

At Connekt Trade Expo, whether you are an upcoming business or an established one, with a marketing budget starting as low as 500 Euros, through our creative ART/Business Connect Program you can receive tremendous exposure.

Build a Successful Venture

At Connekt VC Expo, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups who are involved in art-related projects, apart from networking and getting free pass to Connekt Art Expo, are given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to international venture capitalists and angel investors.

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Upon submission, your request will be reviewed. Once approved, you will be contacted with a detailed explanation of our program.
There is no fee attached to joining this program and you can opt-out from this program at anytime.

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brief Bio About the Start-Up (please include your numbers)


How is your Start-Up connected with Art

Examine the Gold

By attending Connekt Expo VC Event, you will connect with peer international VCs and investors; learn about the latest innovations and VC trends, and find investment opportunities.

Bringing VCs and top start-ups from all over the world together

One major challenge facing venture funds across the global venture sector is that some of the most interesting and cutting edge research is not necessarily being done in the places where VCs sit. Connekt Expo VC event aims to solve this problem.

Not only investing in big ideas is Gold but also time is Gold

Participating Start-Ups are selected carefully by our expert panelists to assure every single pitched idea is a Golden opportunity. You need to only listen to assure if the presented opportunity is in-line with your interest and industry.

You can discover more surprises by attending the VIP day

All participating Venture Capitalists will also get a free pass to the VIP day of Connekt Art Expo where you get a chance to connect with our discovered artists, buy art direct from them, enjoy the confrontation and collaboration of upcoming artists vs. top chefs.

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The Investment Size (in $)


Connect Art to…

If you have been contacted and asked to submit your application via Connector’s section or if you believe you have an idea or an interest in creating an effective connection between art and any other industry in a way that it supports our vision, then please use the form bellow to submit your application.

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  • Featured Connekt: Artist J.D. Doria (Israel)
    Featured Connekt: Artist J.D. Doria (Israel)

    J. D. Doria, is an interdisciplinary Connekt artist, based  in Tel Aviv, Israel.  His work explores through ‘matter’ the questions he deems fundamental in a human becoming, and matures at the intersections between art and technology, and between art and science.

    Interview with J.D. Doria

    Cinema is my background and the initial corridor I took into art, and it has definitely influenced the way I understand art, aesthetics and the scope of being an artist. Click here to read the full interview… 

  • Featured Connekt: Artist Anastasia Hansen (Denmark)
    Featured Connekt: Artist Anastasia Hansen (Denmark)

    Anastasia Hansen uses art to communicate universal symbols that she receives during her deep meditation. Her works are vibrant and colors are very prominent.

    Interview with Anastasia Hansen

    I started drawing and painting at the age of 11, very inspired by an artist and sculpturer who was a good friend of the family. I started at my first drawing course.  Click here to read the full interview… 

  • Featured Connekt: Artist Becca Drach (USA)
    Featured Connekt: Artist Becca Drach (USA)

    Becca Drach is a Canadian US artist who, through her self-portrait oil paintings, transforms her emotional experiences into capturing paintings.

    Interview with Becca Drach

    I paint as a means of getting my passion in a physical form I think.  My art comes from within me and when I put it onto canvas it has a new essence … even the sadness can have a beauty it seems… Click here to read the full interview… 

  • Featured Connekt: Film Maker Louis Mouchet (Switzerland)
    Featured Connekt: Film Maker Louis Mouchet (Switzerland)

    An established Swiss filmmaker from Geneva, Louis is the winner of Swiss Quality Premiumfor François Simon the Presence and blackbox award for his short fiction The Last Eye. Louis seeks to reveal the beauty of the world through his films.

    Interview with Louis Mouchet

    …Shooting in India was not especially difficult. In fact it turned out to be a pure miracle…. Click here to read the full interview… 

  • Featured Press Releases & Interviews
    Featured Press Releases & Interviews

    Interview with Connekt Food Designer on Invention Stories Magazine.

    Connekt most shared artist interview of 2014: Read Here..

    Connekt celebrity of 2014: The Argentinean, most renowned celebrity hairstylist and TV host, Agustin Bozzo, traveled all the way to Rome for Connekt 2014 to collaborate with participating artists, give visitors a taste of Latin Celebrity Style, and launch his T-Shirt brand “Agustin Bozzo”. Read interview.. 

  • Connekt Philosophy
    Connekt Philosophy

    Us, the Connekts, believe if we are not cavemen today, it is because of the realized inventions that happened through timely collaboration of Creative, Productive, and Business Minds. Given how majority of creative minds are introverts, and the busy schedule of business minds and the strategic mind of productive minds both demand for an efficient communication skills for ideas to turn into new chapters in civilization, Connekt is born by a group of Creatives and Entrepreneurs who through research and development introduce systematized approaches to facilitate such connections.


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And any type of effective connection you can think of but we haven’t thought of yet…

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