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“Success depends solely on the constancy” Interview with Connekt Celebrity Agustin Bozzo

Studio Sessions Series by Connekt Hair Stylist Agustin Bozzo

You may wonder what differentiates the word “Connekt” from “Connect”. Connekt means connecting and collaborating.  It is therefore a mutual interaction that brings beneficial results to both sides.

Two unique Connektion initiatives of Connekt Expo 2014 is to connekt artists across different walks of art, and to connekt established and celebrity artists with upcoming talents.  Upcoming artists grow through it and established ones get inspired and are challenged to create a new chapter in their respective career.

Among all amazing upcoming and award winning food, art, film, and design talents who are participating in Rome Connekt, there are is one name that stands out:  Agustin Bozzo, an intriguing personality who is bringing a flavor of

Latin-Celebrity World to Rome. The Argentinean, most renowned celebrity hairstylist and TV host, Agustin Bozzo, will be traveling all over to Rome to collaborate with participating artists, give visitors a taste of Latin Celebrity Style, and launch his T-Shirt brand “Agustin Bozzo”.

Agustín masters the Sense of Equilibrium between the Human Face Expression in relation to a frame that is formed by the hair and a background that is the Body. If we are concerned about connecting and integrating as an Art phenomena, the work of Agustin is one powerful way to show this in a real movement and development. Inevitably we could see Agustín Bozzo as a Connekt Stylist, because through his work, he manages to connect the art styling, with music and audiovisuals, creating a fresh and different approach. Viniloversus, La Vida Boheme, Rawayana, Caramelos de Cianuro, Mcklopedia, Tlx and Presidente; Prakriti Maduro, Florentino Primera, Samantha Dagnino, are, among others, some of the bands and Latin celebrities,that make up a long list of talents whose public image is designed by Agustín.

Bellow is our interview with Agustín.

Interview with Connekt Celebrity Hair Stylist Agustin Bozzo

Interview with Connekt Celebrity Hair Stylist Agustin Bozzo

 What does ‘inspiration’ mean to you?

For me, inspiration is to be able to achieve Art naturally, spontaneously and genuinely.

What do you owe your success to?

In my humble opinion, success depends solely on the constancy.

We know you have a Project called Studio Sessions where you are the Host after being the Stylist. Tell us a bit about your show. Are you planning to bring something similar to the Connekt Expo?

I always liked the music, in fact in my teens I belonged to a rock band in my native country, Argentina. Currently and in parallel with the styling, I work as a manager of several bands in Venezuela. Some time ago I was curious to make a product that could potentially combine styling with music. Thus was born Studio Sessions.It is a reality series, where I invite musicians from different bands to participate in aninterviewwhile I take care of their hair, then finishing the cut, I propose to interpret a few songs in the studio. At the Expo I will present some of the material performed.

What made you decide to be a Connekt and join ConnektArtExpo 2014?

I liked the idea of sharing away from my border and meet new artists from around the world.

If you are at Rome between Dec 18 to Dec 23 and wish to get a celebrity hair style by Agustin Bozzo , get your ticket at visit.connektexpo.com or contact Marianka with your request for a complimentary private invitation to Dec 19 private viewing and media day. 
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