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“Elephant is very small in a huge world” Interview with Connekt artist: Carolina Galia

This time, we’ve put a twist in the interview.  Marianka Solórzano ,  Connekt Manager of Artists Relations, a talented graphic designer and poet herself, has interviewed her friend and Connekt artist Carolina Galia and so we will get to know more about Carolina as who she is as an artist. We will get to learn who she is as a person.

Carolina Galia is a highly talented surrealist Illustrator from Venezuela whose sunny arts give you the power to dream and believe everything is possible.

Marianka says:

I think Carolina is a Dreamer, she is a person with a great quality of Human, a genuine Human being I could say, because she is always giving, Big hearted, beautiful in mind and soul. She is also a mischievous girl and she could spread laughter to 1.000 people just with one of her jokes. She is strong and unique in her personality. 

Here is Marianka’s interesting interview with Venezuelan Connekt Artist, Carolina Galia:


Interview with Connekt Artist Carolina Galia

Interview with Connekt Artist Carolina Galia

Tell us a little about your life as an Artist and how you got the style that defines you ?

Every day I want to keep learning a little more.

My style is all about crayons, I love to paint with pencil colors, with many details, I love leaves, clouds, animals and balloons.


If you had to design a world painted by you , how would you describe it ?

I’m always thinking about it hahahahaha ….. Maybe a world without cars, where to go from one place to another we use swings hanging from the clouds, and many balloons for many passengers, big bicycles and at the drops of rain we can see how she paints the ground with many colors…


What advice would you give to an Artist ?

I know it sounds trite, but my advice could be… Don’t give up, we need more artists, musicians and poets in this world.


If you had a model called Patience … how you draw it ? And forgiveness ?

Well… I like to draw characters, like “The Elephant who wanted to touch the sky” and for example, to me he is patience, because he is very small in a huge world and he is doing everything that is possible to fulfill his dream… And he does.

With forgiveness, to me, God is everything and He loves us so much that He can forgive everything if we ask forgiveness from the depths of our hearts. And sometimes before I start a new project I praise God and I sayd “Please God, take my hand and paint for me” So, I think would be anything that comes from him.


Wassily Kandinsky used to hear sounds as colors … How do you relate to color ?

I have had several episodes where I could see colors with music, but that have been in very sad stages of my life, I don’t know, if it may have something to do with. But I have noticed that as the emotions that I’m going on affect my paintings. For example, I know that much blue is for me melancholy.


If you are at Rome between Dec 18 to Dec 23 and wish to visit Carolina Galia’s exhibiting artworks, get your ticket at visit.connektexpo.com or contact Carolina with your request for a complimentary private invitation to Dec 19 private viewing and media day.

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