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‘Through Color We Can Hear and Smell’ – Interview with Connekt Spanish Artist ‘Carlos Solórzano’

Interview with Connekt Artist Carlos Solorzano

One thing I heard over and over by visitors who looked at Carlos’ artworks at Connekt 2014 was how colorful his paintings are and how some remind them of space and galaxy.

Carlos Solórzano is a multifaceted artist who had devoted many years to the advertising industry before becoming a full time artist, his works were internationally recognized and rewarded for their creative quality.

connekt artist carlos solorzano

connekt artist carlos solorzano

He was raised with his five brothers between the city and the family farm in Venezuela. Since his childhood you could tell there was something special about his hands. He was only 6 years old or maybe younger that his adored grandfather noticed his talent and asked him to sculpt clay horses.  Noting the talent, his Mother, a sweet Canarian woman, who was also a painter, educated and inspired him to continue developing his talent.

But it wasn’t all that gloomy. Carlos’ father, a respected farmer, could not see his dedication and talent in Arts as a quality but rather a weakness that set him apart from his brothers and never shied away from expressing his opinion to the young Carlos and actively preventing him from perusing it.

But his heart for music, colors, rhythms, strokes and feelings have been stronger than any discouragement to pick up the canvases and hold the brush in his hands and merely express…

There is a big twist in this interview and that is that the father is being interviewed by his daughter.  When you know someone so well, you sure know how to interview them about what sets them apart. And that’s what Marianka has managed to achieve through this short but at the same time intriguing interview. 

Here goes the interview with Spanish -Venezuelan Connekt 2014 Artist, Carlos Solórzano:


What does art mean to you? Where do you think that impulse that invites you to paint comes from?

SP. El arte es mi modo de vida, estuve muchos años sin poder entregarme a esa pasión. Ahora tengo esa inmensa oportunidad de transmitir el mensaje artístico de Dios a través de mi persona, como vehículo. Por eso me siento bendecido de poder dar a las personas un instante de contemplación. Mi madre fue artista también y de ella aprendí que los colores son un regalo divino, un regalo de la luz.

ENG. Art is my way of life, I spent many years without being able to give myself to that passion. Now I have this immense opportunity to convey the artistic message of God through me, as a vehicle. So I feel blessed to give people a moment of contemplation. My mother was an artist and she also learned that the colors are a divine gift, a gift of light.


What impact does the music in your art?

tony esposito connektexpo2014

Tony Esposito at Connekt Expo 2014 Award Ceremony

SP. Considero que mi obra es auténticamente surreal, improvisada y basada en el automatismo psíquico puro, en la música y en el color, por eso he hecho homenajes a Chick Corea, Carlos Santana entre otros.

ENG. I consider my work as truly surreal, improvised and based on pure psychic automatism, music and color.  For this, I’ve done tributes to Chick Corea,  Carlos Santana and others.


What do you think of psychic energy of Jackson Pollock?

SP. Es uno de mis artistas preferidos porque me inspira con su naturalidad, su soltura y por su convicción de que la pintura como elemento, más la energía aplicada, produce efectos positivos directos en la mente de quien los mira haciéndole disfrutar sin conectar los raciocinios del lenguaje y las imágenes prefijadas en cada uno de nosotros. Él Fue un gran maestro del arte moderno.

ENG. He is one of my favorite artists that inspires me with his naturalness, and his ease. I follow his belief that painting is an element, that with the aid of the applied energy,  produces direct positive effects on the mind of whoever who looks at it stimulating joy without associating this feeling to any subconscious reasoning that is preset with verbal language and images in each of us. He was a great master of modern art.


Wassily Kandinsky used to listen colors … How do you relate to the color?

SP. Él es otro de mis inspiradores y sus improvisaciones me dicen que pintar es también un proceso espiritual guiado por la energía del cielo y de la tierra, del agua, del sol, del viento, de los árboles y de los animales, de todo lo que vibra en este planeta y que por medio del color podemos oír y expresar olores, es un canal de expresión que aún no conocemos bien.

ENG. He is another one of my inspirations.  His improvisations tell me that painting is also a spiritual process guided by the power of heaven and earth, water, sun, wind, trees and animals, all that vibrates on this planet and through color we can hear and express smells. Color is a channel of expression that we still do not know that well.


We know you have a project called Traffic Art, what is your goal with this project?

SP. El Proyecto Traffic Art tiene como objetivo enseñar a las personas que poseen el don de expresar con solo desplazarse y crear así una obra de arte colectiva, coordinada y dirigida por mi persona. Una obra biodegradable, efímera y sin dejar una huella que afecte definitivamente el entorno, sino que, por unos días sea un escenario totalmente colorido, alegre y estéticamente energizante que aporte energía vital a quienes la contemplen y más aún a quienes participen en ella.

ENG. The goal of Traffic Art Project is to show to people who own the gift of self-expression how to create a collaborative and coordinated art work by doing nothing other than traveling through/moving. The process will be directed by me.  The result will be a biodegradable and ephemeral artwork of footprints that won’t leave any negative footprint on the environment, but rather within few days, turns into a scene that is absolutely cheerful, colorful, and totally energizing which brings vital energy to those who watch it and even more to those were involved in its creation.

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