“Every moment is pregnant with becoming” Interview With Connekt Artist Doria J.D.

Interview with Connekt Artist JD Doria

In our Connkt interview series, we interviewed a Connekt American artist whose art is a reflection of her emotions, a Connekt Danish artist whose art is a mean to spread healing energy, a Connekt Italian artist who uses art as a tool to send out strong messages and evoke actions and today I will be interviewing a Connekt artist from Israel to whom art is philosophy.

J. D. Doria, is an interdisciplinary Connekt artist, based  in Tel Aviv, Israel.  His work explores through ‘matter’ the Read more

“Success depends solely on the constancy” Interview with Connekt Celebrity Agustin Bozzo

Studio Sessions Series by Connekt Hair Stylist Agustin Bozzo

You may wonder what differentiates the word “Connekt” from “Connect”. Connekt means connecting and collaborating.  It is therefore a mutual interaction that brings beneficial results to both sides.

Two unique Connektion initiatives of Connekt Expo 2014 is to connekt artists across different walks of art, and to connekt established and celebrity artists with upcoming talents.  Upcoming artists grow through it and established ones get inspired and are challenged to create a new chapter in their respective career.

Among all amazing upcoming and award winning food, art, film, and design talents who are participating in Rome Connekt, there are is one name that stands out:  Agustin Bozzo, an intriguing personality who is bringing a flavor of

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“I would make Italy World Heritage Site.” interview with Connekt artist Kris Natarò

negozio moda by Connekt Artist Kris Nataro

If the world was an apartment, then businessmen would be the constructors, politicians would be the furniture, and artists would be the door and windows to each condo within the apartment.

A country’s appeal, democracy, tourism, and enlightenment is dictated and reflected largely by their residing artists.

While some artists choose to use art to awaken emotions, there are others who use it to awaken you with a message and evoke actions.  It is my interview with an Italian pop artist who uses art to in her wordings “send a desperate request of help” that inspired me to start this interview post with some deep and symbolic thoughts.

Kris, the name she  prefers to sign her works as, is more than just a pop artist. She is a devoted mother and wife, a designer, a blogger, and marketing director for Connekt project who has a heart for tourism in Italy.

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Gypsies – Where do they Come from? Interview with Connekt Film Maker Louis Mouchet

Rromani Soul Screened At Connekt Film Expo 2014 Rome

In 2014, you have one more reason to visit Rome in December apart from witnessing the beautiful Christmas decorations and Vatican Christmas events. Connekt Expo participants of Rome 2014, are bringing to Rome unique experiences and surprises that are a Read more

“Universal Symbols Make My Art Unique” – Interview with Connekt Artist Anastasia Hansen

Connekt Artist Anastasia Hansen & Artist Shiri Achu- London 2012

Connekt Expo 2014 is less than a month away and our talented artists are busy preparing for a unique and successful show in Rome this December.  I am quite excited to see how it turns out as the Expo is representing diverse and true talents. In our interview series with the Connekt Artists of Rome 2014, I have Read more