10 Dicembre 2014 Connekt Expo

“Art is the body language of the inner-self” Interview with the Connekt Emarati (Dubai) Artist – Sara AlBannay

Interview with Connekt Artist Sara Albannay

This year, through Connekt 2014, during Christmas season, Rome is becoming the hub of connection, connecting East to West.

While the Middle Eastern Art, specifically Arabic art from the gulf region with its poetic and cultural symbolism has yet to find its deserving place in the world, we are happy to represent one of the female Emarati talents, Sara Albannay, at this year’s Connekt.

When I first looked at Sara’s works, her admiration for sensuality, feminity and the UAE culture was the first thing that caught my attention. Sara’s paintings depict the Emarati women of today through silent paintings that talk alot.

In her words:

Art is the deep textured body language of the innerself communcating a special message without words.

What’s more outstanding about Sara is that she is a successful artist with a business educational and professional background. She is a member of the Emirates fine art society – Sharjah since 1998 and and is currently working as leading international sales manager for a Government Organization.  Her works has been exhibited in many places within the UAE and there is a high demand within the Arab Community for Sara’s work.

Here is our interview with Connekt artist Sara Albannay:


Interview with Connekt Artist Sara Albannay

Interview with Connekt Artist Sara Albannay

What makes your art unique?

My artwork is about connecting colors ,subjects and my spirit ,because always I’m in soul searching.

I do believe in what Van Gogh said: ‘The only time i feel alive is when I’m painting’  because this is exactly how i feel when i painting and writing arabic prose.

 They say we are what we experience. If you had to name one single experience that had a major influence on your art, what would that be?

Freedom of thoughts

What is your biggest challenge of being an artist?

To let my Spirit out and be who I truly am without worries and fences. 

What is the two biggest gifts that your art has brought you?

 in short, insistent and peace.


If you are at Rome between Dec 18 to Dec 23 and wish to visit Sara Albannay’s exhibiting artworks, get your ticket at visit.connektexpo.com or contact Sara with your request for a complimentary private invitation to Dec 19 private viewing and media day.


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