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“I would make Italy World Heritage Site.” interview with Connekt artist Kris Natarò

negozio moda by Connekt Artist Kris Nataro

If the world was an apartment, then businessmen would be the constructors, politicians would be the furniture, and artists would be the door and windows to each condo within the apartment.

A country’s appeal, democracy, tourism, and enlightenment is dictated and reflected largely by their residing artists.

While some artists choose to use art to awaken emotions, there are others who use it to awaken you with a message and evoke actions.  It is my interview with an Italian pop artist who uses art to in her wordings “send a desperate request of help” that inspired me to start this interview post with some deep and symbolic thoughts.

Kris, the name she  prefers to sign her works as, is more than just a pop artist. She is a devoted mother and wife, a designer, a blogger, and marketing director for Connekt project who has a heart for tourism in Italy.

Graduated in 1996 from the Art Nicola Zabagia School of Figurative Art in the city of art, home of Connekt Expo 2014, Rome, Kris’ paintings, sculptors and mix medias talk about her views on social trends, politics, and world peace in general.

My observation of her works is that for her the main elements of a person are the eyes and the lips.  Contrasting her work ‘without a soul -drowned in his own ego’   in which you see photos of eyeless people against her work ‘Rome’  in which you see photos of sculptors with moving eyes, one could conclude that to Kris, eye symbolizes the soul.

Enough said about my observation of Kris’ works. Let’s hear from her what she think of her works and her life as an artist:

Connekt Artist Kris Nataro Interview

Connekt Artist Kris Nataro Interview

What makes your art unique? 

 The simplicity and effectiveness and the fact, that with my art  I would like to send a desperate request of help. Italy alone can’t  not make it to keep 75% of  the world’s artistic heritage   – I would make Italy World Heritage Site. Now we feel abandoned, keep all this is too expensive… and not only… we are the bridge between Africa and Europe We  can’t ignore the events in Lampedusa and much more….. 


 In your art, I see emphasis on eyes, lips and faces.  What are you trying to communicate through it? 

My faces and eyes are those of thousands of admirers who visit Italy and love it.


 If you had to share one tip with upcoming artists, what would that be?

I would like to invite  artists to use art  as a way to spread out important messages without doing politic.


Tell us a little about what you’re planning to exhibit in Connekt Expo 2014 without spoiling it for us.

I’m planning to exhibit my portraits and my eyes.


 In your opinion, what is the key in being a successful artist?

Well,  I would say that nowadays the key in being a successful artist is to have the right connections and not necessary to be valid.


What has been the biggest challenge you faced in your career as an artist? How did you address it?

The biggest challenge you face in an artist career is that you have to deal with a very closed and reserved environment and you can’t do nothing against it.


Given you are involved both in tourism and art, I have a special question for you. Art and business.  Given Business is client oriented and authentic art is usually a reflection of self, can authentic art ever find a place in business? How?

Nowadays art is business,  many people today are oriented to invest in art. It is important to connect artists with companies.

If you are at Rome between Dec 18 to Dec 23 and wish to visit Kris Natarò’s exhibiting artworks, get your ticket at visit.connektexpo.com or contact Kris with your request for a complimentary private invitation to Dec 19 private viewing and media day. 


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