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“Even Sadness Can Have a Beauty” – Interview with Connekt Artist: Becca Drach

As Connekt Expo 2014, Rome is approaching, we’ve decided to have a deeper look into the life of international and national artists who have been selected by Connekt Expo 2014 judges to showcase their art and become a Connekt Artist.

Becca Drach Painting - Connekt Expo Rome 2014
Becca Drach is a Canadian US artist who, through her self-portrait oil paintings, transforms her emotional experiences into capturing paintings.

Here is the interview we had with artist Becca Drach:

Why do you paint? 

I paint as a means of getting my passion in a physical form I think.  My art comes from within me and when I put it onto canvas it has a new essence … even the sadness can have a beauty it seems … the past years have had extreme challenges for me and my art has been a means for expressing my feelings in a positive way.  My art is very personal.

What is the biggest gift that your art career has brought you?

My art has given me the world…

What is the most challenging part about being a fine artist?

The most challenging part about being an artist for me is that my art is autobiographical and personal, setting that out to the public is like walking into a room naked in a sense. It exposes a very personal part of me.  The technicality of art is simple.

What differentiates your art from other artworks?

The difference of my art from other artwork is that it is mine … all mine, from my gut, from my mind … I have found inspiration from other artists, but my images and palette and reasons for painting are my own.

What’s the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

The coolest art tip I ever received was basically to paint what I see in my heart … and that is a summary of a few tips combined.

If you are at Rome between Dec 18 to Dec 23 and wish to visit Becca Drach’s exhibiting artworks, get your ticket at visit.connektexpo.com or contact Becca with your request for a complimentary private invitation to Dec 19 private viewing and media day.

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